The danger of Greece having a COVID-19 outbreak such as that in neighbouring Italy is real.

With the number of cases rising daily the objective now is to limit the spread as much as possible.

That can happen if the system and society are not led to extremes and are not led astray by indifference on the one sided and panic on the other.
‘Both harm Syria equally’ as the poet Cavafy wrote.

Responding with indifference would mean that the guidelines are not being followed or at least that they are implemented selectively which again means they are being violated.

Panic would be a terrible test of the endurance of the system, which is already being battered by both the huge 10-year economic crisis and by the system’s chronic dysfunctions.

Indifference and panic would threaten even a collapse of the system.

A sense of measure is what is needed in these critical hours and that objective can only be achieved if everyone participates.

No system can survive if society loses its sense of measure.

No society can stand on its feet if the system fails to give a sense of measure.

In that regard there are many lessons to be learned from neighbouring Italy.

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