It is obvious that no custom whether it derives from popular tradition or is linked to a religious holiday can be allowed to pose a threat to life.

That, however, is exactly what happened this Easter. A man was killed and another person is in hospital struggling to survive because of customs such as homemade, hand-held rocket-like fireworks and the celebratory shooting up into the air with rifles.

Others in the past have been killed or maimed with homemade fireworks.

Is it permissible for our society to tolerate such bloody Easters?

Traditions are very strong in Greece and that explains the survival of this and other customs over the years.

Even if one avoids describing these traditions as barbaric, one cannot deny that they are extremely dangerous. We must understand that this is an issue that involves the whole of society. We must understand that the eight-year old child that is struggling to survive because of such dangerous traditions could have been our own.

Let those who love them keep their traditions, but this must be done under conditions that completely ensure security.

If society and the state cannot guarantee such conditions, then one must seriously discuss abolishing them.

After all, Easter symbolises the victory of life over death, and that is yet another reason not to have to mourn dead people on this great day of celebration.