The continuously deepening economic and monetary crisis in Turkey is not and will not be painful only for its people.

Not only with Erdogan and the neo-Ottoman dogma that he follows, but also historically, Turkey in every domestic crisis has proven that that it shifts and shapes it into a dangerous, extroverted stratagem which often imperils neighbouring countries

Another equation we must keep in mind is on the one hand the huge inflation and impoverishment of more vulnerable social groups in Turkey, and on the other hand the refugee crisis and the instability of the “Erdogan system”, ahead of elections in 2023.

That explosive mixture creates a multi-faceted risk geopolitically as well, given the fact that Turkey has open fronts at nearly all its borders.

This entire revisionist stance is bolstered by an unclear and unstable handling of Turkey by a series of powers – except for France, of course – and by a more broadly fluid situation that allows Erdogan to transform his domestic crisis into threats, contributing to the false dogma of the cohesion of his nation state.

All this must not be overlooked by our country, which has a duty to staunchly declare that it is a member of the EU and of NATO, and a constant, stabilising factor in the Southeastern Mediterranean, in contrast with Turkey.