A report in Ta Nea today details the government's plan for regulating protest demonstrations during the COVID-19 epidemic.

It involves a flexible new framework based on abiding by and guarding the rules of public health.

The law is the law and no violation can be legitimised in a time of pandemic.

The plan was preceded by the establishment of a modern nexus of laws that adhere to the demands of new conditions and needs.

The new game plan for security forces as regards public assembly takes into account two new realities. The aim is to combine maximum effectiveness in policing resulting in a minimum number of clashes.

The core objevctive of the plan is to deepen the enforcement of the law while limiting deviant acting out.

The new environment will leave no room for revolutionary exercises fueled by blind coercion but instead will create a new relationship between the citizenry and the state, based on an agreed upon security framework of law enforcement in a difficult period

Ideally this new relastionship will provide fertile ground for regaining people's trust and expanding and deepening faith in institutions and the well-defined rules of our democracy.

In this new decade states will achieve progress when they are fortified, contemporary, and citizen-friendly and operate under a guaranteed framework.

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