The fire that is destroying the Amazon rainforest, the greatest forest on earth, does not remind us only of how small our planet is.

It also reminds us of the decisive role that the political choices of a single person can play.The president of Brazil emasculated the environment ministry by removing its authority.

As a result, wilfires increased by 83% as compared to last year in the Amazon.

The repercussions of this disaster will soon be apparent across the planet.

The presidents of Brazil and the US, the most powerful country in the world, deny the existence of climate change, despite the fact that 95% of scientists underline that there is no doubt that humans have brought about climate change.

These irresponsible leaders and the timidity and reluctance of other major economies such as China's to cooperate in order to reverse climate change leave little room for optimism.

Those who are responsible for our fate turn a blind eye and even display contempt for the ever greater, dramatic warnings of the scientific community.

They turn away from the catatrophe in the Amazon, or perhaps simply see opportunities for economic profit.

One thing is clear by now.

The planet can survive without humans, but humans cannot live without their planet.

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