There are ever more indications that the prime minister and his government are acting with only one thing in mind – when elections will be held and what will be the right moment to declare them so as to surprise the opposition.

However, their objective is betrayed because even the least significant actions of the government are of an electoral nature. The prime minister went as far as to attempt to capitalise on the arrest of the owner of a chain of pawn shops.

Electoral surprise is one of the ills of Greek political life which the SYRIZA-Independent Greek government has adopted without reservation.

The ruling party when it was the main opposition exploited the election of the President of the Republic in parliament to rise to power, but now it is concerned about political stability and about ensuring the smooth course of the economy.

Political normalcy, however, requires clears rules of the game. It means that a government does not live and breathe only with elections in mind, but without setting their date.

In any event, the government’s actions are in vain. Its hidden intentions are so obvious that it cannot take by surprise even the most disinterested citizen.

If indeed the government is concerned about political stability – as it finally believes that only under such conditions can the economy be restructured and recover – it need only set a date for elections.

Especially for a government that did not come to power on the best possible terms, that would constitute a true service to the country.