It is worthwhile to lend an ear to the words of educated Greek scientists and professionals, who are in their fields ranked in the top one percent, with the greatest influence internationally, in their interviews published in Ta Nea today.

Their words illuminate what everyone can do in their field individually, not only in order to achieve personal excellence, but also because in that manner all of society progresses.

That significant distinction of well-educated Greeks offers a valuable lesson. They were distinguished as researchers in a country where research is not conducted under the best of circumstances, which sometimes are completely unfavourable.

Still, they earned distinction at some of the world’s greatest universities, when the obstacles they faced in their own country proved insuperable.

That ‘other Greece”, which chooses to remain in the fatherland or to gain distinction abroad, is very real, and it demonstrates that in times of crisis or even decline, spirits that love progress will always find ways to explore new fields, to advance knowledge, and to helps science evolve.

One can easily comprehend the invaluable social benefits for our country, not for the Greece that simply seeks out some of the brilliance of classical times, but the one which today seeks its place in the contemporary world, not by looking to the past, but rather by focusing like a laser beam on the future.