A multi-faceted foreign policy is necessary for a country such as Greece. Its geopolitical position, history, ties with other peoples, and the currently fluid geopolitical situation require open channels of communication with major powers.

That was the direction of yesterday’s talks between PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Russia.

There is an array of synergies and collaborations for which one can lay the groundwork. The two countries can facilitate investment and mutual understanding between the peoples in an environment where global challenges like the pandemic offer an opportunity to build bridges and understandings. That process successfully began yesterday.

At a time when a series of issues remain open, and given the fact that bilateral relations are a basic parameter of diplomacy and international affairs, Greece and Russia have a certain osmosis that will continue with cooperation and communication.

Given Turkish provocations and changes in the European Union, Greece has had the historical advantage of acting as an intermediary, given the fact that it is a Western country with a core position in the EU and NATO.

These considerations ensure and delineate the new dynamic that has arisen from the PM’s trip to Russia, which can bring only positive results.

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