As the pandemic flairs up and with new COVID-19 variants around the corner, it is common knowledge that the vaccine is the basic weapon and a massive line of defence for everyone.

Thousands of citizens each day are vaccinated even as a grey zone of skepticism and irrationality appears to be holding back others in a state of suspicion and paves the way to new tensions.

Yet, there are already quantifiable results that show how decisive vaccination is for one’s health and how critical it is to build even now a wall of immunity for society.

In light of all that, compulsory vaccination could be considered for special categories of workers.

The measure produced positive and palpable results in many other countries, such as Italy, where 98 percent of healthcare workers are vaccinated.

One must also examine the prospect of compulsory vaccination of workers at old age homes (photo).

These are lines of work in which there is an urgent need for solidarity and for the collective protection of public health.

The peddling of conspiracy theories and negativism is unacceptable at a time that Greece, along with the entire world, is battling to urgently return to normalcy and to make human life the top priority.

Let those who harbour reservations just count how many people are dying of COVID-19 or have been suffering from it for protracted periods (long COVID).