Something is afoot on the level of the state and government reform and that is cause for optimism regarding the country’s immediate future.

Two news items in recent days confirm that assessment in different ways, but with the same objective – a better individual and collective quality of life.

The plan to relocate nine ministries and to create an eight-hectare public park at the site of the old PYRKAL munitions factory is a major step.

It is a move toward decentralisation and a moderate intervention that is a necessary and effective way to achieve the smoother functioning of the entire city of Athens and to merge the security protocol for ministries.

The new government park will revitalise the daily lives of Athenians.

The same stands true for the second move by the government – which is that the ministry of digital governance in tandem with the health ministry will develop a cell phone app that will allow people to receive in digital form prescriptions and referrals for medical exams.

The app is in the implementation stage by the e-Government Centre for Social Security (IDIKA) and will be available on cell phones at no cost to citizens.

Hence, a part of the operation of the state as regards its obligations to citizens will be carried out by telephone.

This represents a digital leap that will benefit the state by reducing expenditures on wages and minimising the hassles that citizens must endure when dealing with state services.

Over the years, citizens viewed the state, the public sector, and state services – justly to some extent - as adversaries.

The transformation of the PYRKAL property and digital prescriptions of medicines will help improve citizens’ contacts with state and will contribute to a sweeping modernisation in the 21st century.

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