The recent oil crisis which resulted from the attack against Saudi Arabia which the US attributes to Iran naturally raises concerns for Greece as well.

However, it is not reasonable for that concern to automatically bring fuel hikes unless we are speaking of price gouging.

Consumers must not pay the piper, especially if as experts predict the crisis will reside after the Iranian show of force and will not trigger retaliation as the US will be drawn to the negotiating table.

It remains to be seen whether analysts are on target or whether Washington will take measures.

What is certain is that the Greek state must take measures, that regulatory authorities must act swiftly, and that staff must if necessary be increaesd in order to avert price gouging.

Checks on prices are particularly important as the winter season is approaching.

In the interim, those who hastened to hike prices must declare whether they will lower prices when the price of oil falls or whether they will continue to engage in price gouging.

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