The two great victories of populism in 2016 were that of Donald Trump and the yes vote in the Brexit referendum in the UK.

Three years later, it is clear where populism can lead. As the time for the UK’s departure from the EU approaches the manner in which it will do so becomes more nebulous, while fears of a disorderly retreat without a deal are growing.

This reality reminds one that the European project is at a critical crossroads.

The true face of populism has been revealed, but populism itself has not yet been defeated.

In Germany, which continued to move not only as a locomotive but as a high-speed train when the rest of the Eurozone was trailing, there are more and more voices supporting an exit from the EU, or Dexit.

It is also noteworthy that the in Spain the far right is gaining ground for the first time since the Franco era.

All of that means that Europe cannot ever rest.

That means that our country must constantly remain vigilant. There can be no complacency regarding what was hard-won over the last decades.

When one is at a crossroads, one must decide which path to take, so as to move forward boldly and decisively as our time and situation mandate.



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