An opinion poll conducted by Metron Analysis for the Labour Institute of the Greek Confederation of Labour (GSEE) leaves little room for doubt.

Nine out of ten Greeks believe that austerity will continue, while eight out of ten believe there is no essential exit from the bailout memorandum.

This finding is important because it proves that the overwhelming majority of Greek citizens are not laboring under illusions.

Greek citizens know what the post-bailout reality is. They are absolutely cognizant of the fact that that there will be a long, uphill road. They know that memorandum austerity cannot be abolished with a single law – or with the slogan “Go back Madam Merkel” – as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had maintained when he was still opposition leader. They understand that nothing can change overnight.

It appears that for Greek citizens the period of deception has ended definitively.

It must also end for the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government. In contrast with Greek society, those in power continue with a narrative that has no connection to the reality experienced by everyone else. They persistently pledge handouts, which citizens know have no credibility, but also harm the country and the economy due to the distrust they provoke in partners and investors.

Enlightened governments become the vehicle that pulls society forward.

The current government is not enlightened. Let it then follow a society that has shed its illusions.