The dissatisfaction of public opinion with the economic situation, and even more with the Greece-FYROM naming accord, was a given. The opposition’s pressure on the government to hold elections, combined with negative polling numbers, was great. The prime minister had one last card – the “clean exit” from the bailout memorandum.

That would be the basis of the government’s narrative. With that weapon, and the usual manufacturing of enemies, we would head toward elections. If it were to get a postponement from creditors of the implementation of pension cuts, all the better.

Then came the national tragedy, with at least 90 dead and the huge catastrophes brought on by the inferno. The fragile, protective glass built around SYRIZA and the prime minister personally, which was created with much effort, was shattered.

That was the result not only of unpardonable negligence, criminal mistakes, the unbearable arrogance of those responsible, and the resignation of a minister yesterday.

It was a result of the effort to shift responsibility. Those who failed to save lives were not to blame, but rather climate change, those who built illegal structures with impunity, the illegal homes, the fences, and the journalists.

These efforts to shirk responsibility are provocative, and they will fail.

Accustomed to a petty partisan management of reality, the prime minister cannot rid himself of this burden. Until now, his government was incompetent, but lucky. The emperor donned different cloaks in order to stay in power. At the critical moment, however, he was not able to hide. The children cried, “The Emperor has no clothes!”

Let alone the fact that he is not an emperor.