The parliament of FYROM has decided to hold the referendum on approving the Greece-FYROM naming agreement on 30 September.
The referendum will be of an advisory, non-binding nature and the question will be: “Do you support accession to the EU and Nato, with the acceptance of the agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and Greece?”
Reuters reported that 68 MPs approved conducting the referendum with that question.
The opposition abstained from the vote.
Opposition VMRO-DPMNE MPs walked out of the chamber, after the party’s representative Nikola Micevski argued that the question is unclear and ambiguous.
“This is an ambiguous question that is multi-faceted and manipulative,” said VMRO-DPMNE MP Igor Janusev.
VMRO tabled two amendments that were rejected by parliament.

Zaev said that the referendum will be of an “advisory nature”.

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