The first safe conclusion about the recent, deadly wildfires is that the government delayed in taking decisions that could have saved lives in the battle against the flames.
It appeared not only unprepared to confront in a state of readiness a fire that it had every reason to expect, but it also exhibited incredible negligence at the critical moment that distinguishes a situation that is under control from a situation that has spun out of control.
Even now, the government is delaying. Absorbed by the task of targeting the media and offending in an inconceivable manner citizens who are living with the pain of death and the destruction of their property, the government is delaying in managing the aftermath of the catastrophe, in relieving the pain, with assistance to the fire-stricken that will be substantial, and not empty promises that aim to paper over the situation rather than to provide relief.
The government is delaying in pinpointing and attributing responsibilities. Its obvious aim if for responsibilities not to be attributed to anyone, not to be assigned to those who displayed impermissible negligence and incompetence, or to those who were called upon to take swift decisions, and to lead the battle decisively and with determination, but remained mute.
Incompetence in such a situation renders the government dangerous for the security of citizens.

The answer to this tragedy cannot be excuses, conspiracy theories, or silence about the responsibilities.
What is needed at long last is a responsible stance.

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