Society did its duty. It mourned and continues to mourn the dead from the wildfires as if they were relatives or friends. It showed solidarity with those who managed to be saved from the fires. It stood in queues to donate blood. It sent food and offered shelter and clothing.
Society has supported the victims not only emotionally, but in practice, with all its might.
The time has come, however, for the government to do its duty, which is not only to offer aid to the stricken. It is also to apologise, to offer the apology that was not heard from any of its representatives, for the Greek tragedy that emotionally moved the entire world.
It also has a duty to attribute responsibility, beginning with the ministers, who in such situations are in charge politically and operationally of state services.
It is inconceivable for the solidarity of society to be seen everywhere, and for the government’s responsibility to be non-existent.
It cannot be that so many lives are lost, let alone the loss of properties devoured by the flames, and for not a single member of the government to feel the responsibility to do their duty.

This tragedy is not inexplicable. It did not occur without any cause. It is a tragedy with specific causes, and with specific people responsible for those causes.

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