The segmentation of the second constituency of Athens did not only solve a chronic problem. It was also a step closer to agreement. And the fact that it happened is a blessing, despite the fact that the government separated into three pieces the largest constituency of the country not on fully geographical terms, but also on partisan ones; that way, Kaisariani -a region close to the city center- "moved" to the south suburbia and New Philadelphia to the North.

Even that way, what someone would expect, and that would be the people of this country who have lived so many unworthy if not damaging conflicts between political parties, is to continue with more steps to the same direction. And that is mostly government's responsibility -a government that had not only disagreed with everything while an opposing party, but even nowadays often opposes to the opposing party and "poisons" the political atmosphere, some times guttering politics.

Giving the voting right to greeks who live abroad could be the next step to agreement. This step is necessary. Not only because political forces have finally to learn how to come into agreement on matters of importance and common sense. But also because it is unacceptable for a european democracy to deprives citizens of rights that other countries, not as democratic as Greece, recognize and provides their citizens with.

There are no excuses anymore. The opposing parties showed the way. It is the time for government to walk it.

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