All the hard work, all the anxiety about the school exams and what for? The hell of unemployment. That is the unfortunate situation with the greek society nowadays. Thousands of young people are trying to make it to the University, hoping that their degree is going to be a stepping to the job market. But reality is quite different. And is continuously worsening; Unemployed graduates are increased to 179% during the last years.

Who is to be blamed for the tragedy? It would be unfair to blame the greek family and their dream to educate their children. It would also be inconceivable not to evaluate the long-term problems with the greek productive model. But it would be inconceivable as well not to mention that there is been put no effort in order to change this productive model. On the other hand, the greek government is moving contrarily, conserving the long-term problems. The government is mostly focused on creating a new "army" of civil servants or, even worse, of dependent administrators, instead of creating the environment where the productivity will bloom.

In Greece, talent, creativity and the will to succeed are plenty. At the same time, talented and creative people are asked to surviving among an environment of economic suffocation. They are searching for chances and perspective, but hit on a wall. A wall built by obsession, sectoral interests and illicit political relationships that condemn young scientists into misery.

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