Former finance minister Yorgos Alogoskoufis was one of the leading players in the pre-crisis period, which was linked to the causes that brought the crisis. Hence, his comments in speaking to the daily Ta Nea are significant. It is an interesting take on the era and on the ills of the Greek economy, along with a personal accounting.

“The effort at stabilisation after the 2004 Olympics was inadequate and short-lived,” he says.

With that admission, Kostas Karamanlis’ finance minister essentially opens the debate on the causes of a crisis that continues to bedevil our country. It is to his credit that he does not do it in the manner that is familiar in our country, that of shifting blame to predecessors or successors, but rather with the self-criticism that should characterise anyone who has held public office.

In order to be effective, this discussion must continue. It must be a public dialogue with an exchange of views, with first-hand accounts, and the assumption of responsibility.

All the leading players of that period should take part in that dialogue, including the then prime minister, Kostas Karamanlis.

The former prime minister has a duty to speak about his work and days. The distance in time is his ally, and his judge, aside from the citizenry, is history.