In the last three years that the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks coalition government is in power, it constantly makes the same error: It believes that it can fool the many for a long time.
The means of deceit are always the same – handing out some crumbs that in no way counterbalance what has been taken away through over-taxation.
Still, the government insists. It does not understand that the pledge of handing out a 13th monthly pension is not viewed as money but as a mockery. Even worse, this time the mockery is compounded.
That is because with the update of the adjustment programme, which is essentially a new memorandum, the cuts are for the first time affecting poorer pensioners. Everyone is now paying the bill for the government’s policy choices. Hence, if the 13th pension was crumbs before, now it is also beads and mirrors to dupe the natives.
During its three years in power, the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government proved unable to lay the foundations for an honourable and honest relationship with the citizenry.
It has insisted on replacing social policy with pledges of handouts, and replacing reality with alternative facts.
That is how it reached the point of not taking from the rich to give to the poor, but rather of taking from the poor to give them back a fraction of what it took away.
Citizens understand all too well this politically dishonourable addition and subtraction which is being conducted at the expense of their purse.

They will send their own bill at the ballot box.