An EU official who briefed Brussels correspondents on background signaled satisfaction on the conclusion of Greece’s technical agreement with creditors, and expressed certainty that all decisions on Greece’s exit from the memorandum and on debt relief will be taken at the 21 June Eurogroup.

The briefing was held ahead of the 24 May Eurogroup.

The official welcomed PM Alexis Tsipras’ pledge that all preconditions for completing the fiscal adjustment programme will be met “before the 14 June start of the Mundial”.

Regarding the participation of the IMF in the programme, the official said that there is a limited timeframe and that the EU is working to make it feasible to activate the programme, which requires a prior, viable debt relief arrangement. “We shall have a more substantial discussion of the debt on Thursday, and we shall see.”

The official said IMF participation with funding is crucial for the credibility of the exit from the programme, and that in any event the Fund will continue to participate in the post-bailout era.