The KKE Greek Communist party unleashed withering criticism of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ growth programme, which he presented at a televised cabinet meeting today, asserting that it is simply a continuation of the current bailout memorandum and its requirements.

“Mr. Tsipras, in one of his routine speeches, confirmed that the “post-memorandum era” contains exactly what the memorandum era does: implementation of commitments regarding anti-popular measures. That includes fiscal adjustment, which means primary surpluses built with the lifeblood of the people, support for big business, with institutional changes and financial tools for them to do business. Hence, the ‘people of toil’ whom Mr. Tsipras swears by, will continue to toil even more, hoping to be given some crumbs,” the KKE said.

“As for the (hike in) the minimum wage and the revival of collective bargaining contracts, the KKE and 500 unions tabled a draft law on this a year-and-a-half ago. The reason that the government has not brought it up for debate is that the government is preparing a new mechanism to reproduce and bolster the labour market jungle,” the party concluded.