Council of State President Nikos Sakellariou resigned today after a leak of the High Court’s ruling, before its official announcement, that government pension cuts were constitutional.

At a press conference today, Sakellariou spoke of an inconceivable violation of judicial confidentiality, over which he had no control, and that the affair has harmed the judiciary.

On 12 May, there was a leak that the Council of State had ruled the pension cuts constitutional. The news triggered a tremendous backlash and protest staged by pensioners.

“I was not able to calmly perform my duties with clear mindedness,” he said.

He said his thoughts are with average citizens who are the victims of bailout memorandums and of the increasing dominance of economic players over institutions.

Sakellariou said citizens’ endurance is being tested by successive measures taken in the name of the interest of public finances, and which place huge, cumulative burdens on them.