Greek Police’s counter-terrorism bureau has arrested eleven men and three women on charges of funding a terrorism organisation and money laundering.

Thirteen are Greek nationals and one Albanian national.

The arrests were made in the early hours this morning.

The arrests warrants were issued by an appellate special investigating magistrate.

The 14 will be brought before the Athens Appellate Court Prosecutor’s office, which will execute the warrants.

Those arrested were allegedly depositing money in a bank account opened by 28-year-old Konstantinos Giatzoglou, who is in prison on charges of having sent a letter bomb to former PM Lucas Papademos, who was seriously injured.

The sum involved was between 3,000-4,000 euros. The evidence arose when police found a forged police ID of Giatzoglou’s in a safe-house he used.

The depositors were reportedly relatives of jailed individuals, who may not have known what the money would be used for, and it came from the sale of cell phones, alcohol or other goods in prison.

The money was deposited eight months ago, when Giatzoglou was arrested.

The fake ID led police to the depositors as it was used to open the account