From the examples of pension cuts published today by Ta Nea, it becomes absolutely obvious that there is no chance that elections will be held after January, 2019.

For the government to call elections after that point would be tantamount to political suicide, as this time the hatchet will slash even small pensions.

This is why the government wants to postpone those cuts at all costs. The postponement translates into an extension of the government’s term in office.

Will the government hold elections this year? Or will it unilaterally postpone pension cuts without the approval of creditors, who insist that the government meet its commitments?

Nothing is certain at the moment, and that uncertainty creates new uncertainties and new dangers.

Will the government risk a falling out with creditors to gain a few extra months in office?

Will the government reach the point of undermining the stability of the country, risking the return to the markets, and lead us to a new vicious circle?

That remains to be seen.

A government cannot ignore the cost-benefit analysis of its decisions.

It is impermissible, for the sake of the government’s own petty partisan benefit, for the entire country to pay a tremendous price.