By Manos Charalambakis

A source at the Greek EYP intelligence service says the agency  has uncovered a conspiracy orchestrated by a foreign intelligence service to slander and lead to the resignation of intelligence chief Yannis Roubatis, according to an exclusive report published in the daily Ta Nea today.

According to the top-level EYP source, the protagonist was a former EYP agent who was fired and convicted of engaging in espionage for a third country .

A second individual with a long track record in the intelligence service, according to the report, may have been enlisted by Turkey’s MIT intelligence service.

Human trafficking and sexual harassment

The alleged plot was reportedly designed to undermine Roubatis and other top-level EYP officers.

The three-pronged attack against Roubatis included the dissemination of allegations that he owns or is behind companies in Italy that are involved in human trafficking.

The second part was to accuse Roubatis of sexually harassing a female EYP Employee.

Thirdly, the EYP chief was to be accused of embezzling money from the intelligence bureau’s secret funds.

In addition, the plan was to accuse an individual with whom Roubatis has close ties of renting an apartment in a border region to an individual with organised crime links.

A main figure in the alleged plot was a former EYP trade unionist (agency allows employees to organise unions) who in the past was convicted of being a double agent and fired.

He was reportedly to have been the point man for the foreign agency

The said unionist in the past was found to have stored 3,500 classified documents in a space owned or rented by him.

He allegedly controlled EYP hiring between 2001-2009.

He was allegedly in possession of hundreds of employees’ psychometric data, which ended up in a lab of Cambridge, UK.

The number two figure in the plot is said to have been a close associate of the trade unionist, who has been convicted of energy sector-related fraud and now lives in Denmark. Greece has issued an extradition request.

Before going to Denmark, he lived in Turkey, where he may have been enlisted by MIT, the source says.