The energy crisis that the Russian invasion of Ukraine helped shape and aggravated has had grave repercussions on our daily lives and has created many problems that must urgently be solved.

One such problem is heating at state schools, which are operating in an environment with a continuing pandemic and seasonal flu.

Resolving this problem requires close attention and greater care.

There is no room for discounts and cut-backs, and the government has rightly decided to offer support to schools through municipalities, as the problem can only be resolved on the local and regional levels.

Ensuring quality time in schools and guaranteeing the dissemination of knowledge and the smooth fulfilment of the mission of education reflects the level of success of our state and society.

Under no circumstances can energy-saving begin with schoolrooms.

Let us not forget that many schools in our country are situated mountainous or semi-mountainous regions and operate under unfavourable conditions.

The problem must be resolved post-haste, as schools, municipalities, and regional government must ensure the manner in which sufficient amounts of energy will be provided, before winter arrives, with cold and inclement weather.

Students and teachers spend a large part of their day in schools.

Consequently, this is a challenge that we must all meet together.

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