It took Olympics sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou’s (photo) revelation that she was twice sexually abused for the #MeΤoo movement to begin in Greece.

Some people faced the justice system, yet if something is to be learned from the revelations over recent days regarding (revenge porn by) a former member of the satirical television show Radio Arvyla team, it is that the mentality that can lead to all types of abuse of women has not been uprooted.

Despite some progress, much remains to be done to eradicate gender-based violence, both physical and psychological, and it requires breaking the taboos of a centuries-old patriarchal society.

There are many “Stathises” (the name of the television show member) among us and it is imperative that they be called to account and face the consequences of their abusive behaviour.

The securest way to achieve that objective is to create the necessary conditions that will allow any woman who has had such an experience to tell her story without fear.

Consequently, it does not suffice for the state to take institutional initiatives.

What is needed is a cultural change, for which the whole of society is responsible.

It is not the victims who should be afraid, but rather prospective predators.

They must fear the social backlash.

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