It is called revenge porn and it involves one making public erotic photographs or videos which someone (men, as a rule) without the knowledge of his partner publicised in ordrto exact revenge because she broke up with him or in order to blackmail.

It is a type of electronic crime that is criminally punishable. As in the case of family violence, it is very important to report it in a timely manner, so that the victims can be protected and the culprits put on trial.

The case of a member of the Radio Arvyla comedy show appears to lack a vengeful aspect as, according to his former partner, he used to make videos of their erotic encounters even when they were still in a relationship.

That makes his position even more difficult, as pillorying on the internet is a very serious matter.

A report in Ta Nea today recalled the case of a female university student who committed suicide for this reason. The lives of other women have been destroyed due to the vulgar behaviour of people they once loved and trusted.

The #MeToo movement highlighted the critical phrase “No Means No”.

The reactions to revenge porn bring to the fore the significance of consensus. Behind all this is the superlative value of consent. In a human relationship, one does not “belong” to the other. No one has rights over another person.

The ownership of human beings was abolished along with slavery.

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