In about a month the centre-left Movement for Change (KINAL) party will have a new leader.

To reach this point, the democratic, progressive party went through a painful process with continual upheavals and surprises.

There were days that did not reflect the at times stagnant realities and seemed more like an endless political thriller.

With the wounds from the recent, untimely death of party leader Fofi Gennimata still open, the members of KINAL realise that the future of the party is in their hands.

The leadership race that is underway is quite different from what it was at the start.

What is certain is that there is no room for more surprises and startling events.

The stakes are very high. The beginning of the race demonstrated most dramatically that Greek Social Democracy can still attract a broader political audience, that has turned its attention to the inner workings of the party.

Now, KINAL must prove that beyond it historic legacy it has also inherited its traditional role as a force for stability.

Impeccable preparations are required so that the party can proceed toward the election in a coordinated fashion and a manner that befits its history.

The Movement for Change has a great opportunity to restructure itself, with aim of returning to the forefront of the political stage. The leadership race and the manner in which it will be conducted will determine whether that is feasible.

The first battle is to secure the participation in the election of the greatest possible number of members and friends of the party.

That will be achieved only if they are persuaded that party unity is the paramount objective of the candidates.

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