The first days of Greece’s second COVID-19 epidemic lockdown revealed that the public does not have the readiness it displayed the first time around last spring.

The increased car traffic, secret parties, and the protests of deniers of the need to wear masks put at risk the rest of the citizenry which is faithfully following public health guidelines.

Those who seek to circumvent the rules are not many but this juncture is particularly critical for everyone.

The behaviour of individuals indicates their level of responsibility and consideration for society.

There is an urgent need to strictly enforce the lockdown so as not to be confronted by very unpleasant surprises.

This is not based on an assumption of the government and it is not a choice with which the opposition can disagree. It is based on scientific facts made known by virologists and is indisputable.

There is no other way to save lives in the pandemic or exit the lockdown before Christmas.

Our leeway is much more limited and we must albeit belatedly handle the lockdown in the same manner as we did in March.

The good news from the clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine offers the first ray of optimism. Yet despite the fact that the vaccine will offer salvation we must not expect it to be distributed soon.

It will take quite a while before it is available to citizens and in the interim one must tread a hard path as there is no other.

The fatigue and disgruntlement of the public can be justified.

What cannot be justified is irresponsibility.