The first opinion poll since the 7 July general election may bring satisfaction to the government, yet it should not stir self-deceptions.

That is firstly because the positive stance of public opinion is largely due to the honeymoon that new governments are afforded.

Secondly, governing is a difficult marathon with unpredictable results.

In politics the admonition of the great lawgiver Solon to King Croesus of Lydia still trands true: Rejoice in nothing until the end.

That does not mean that the findings of the “Opinion Poll” survey are useless.

Beyond recording citizens’ trust in the prime minister personally the data show that citizens approve of some of Mitsotakis’ policies which until recently stirred intense ideological skirmishes.

For example, most left-wing voters now approve the abolition of university asylum and want the occupation of buildings to end.

That means that most voters regardless of party affiliation do not view problems in a partisan manner.

They want universities which will not fall prey to the aggression of dynamic minorities and will not be a safehaven for lawbreakers.

They want cities that that are decent with better daily living conditions and neighbourhoods that are open for all people.

They want to feel secure and free.

That is a mandate both for the current and future governments.

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