The prime minister and his junior coalition partner are mistaken if they believe that their power games concern only themselves or their inner circle.

By playing games from the position of responsibility that they hold, they are playing with the country’s fortunes.

At this difficult crossroad, they are obliged to take their decisions as soon as possible.

There are many choices. Either the functionality of the government to the level required to govern the country will be restored, or Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Defence Minister Panos Kammenos will relieve the country of their presence.

It is inconceivable for a minister whose portfolio is unrelated to foreign affairs to set a foreign policy different than that of the government, or to issue invitations and hand over cities to become foreign bases.

It is impermissible for anyone’s personal agenda to override national interests. It is inconceivable for the government to give the impression of mutual backstabbing and, in the final analysis, of an absolute breakdown.

The prime minister bears a huge responsibility in this regard. A government is not a coterie or a school trip. It is not a café discussion or a street brawl.

A government must be responsible. If the PM cannot control his ministers, then there is only one solution.

Governments in a state of collapse should collapse as soon as possible, because the danger of driving the country to collapse is enormous.

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