Data on the execution of the state budget for January, 2018, on an adjusted cash basis, indicate a surplus in the state budget balance sheet of nearly 1.58 billion euros, compared to the initial projection of 503 million euros, which was the target in the introductory report of the 2018 budget, and compared to a 839 million euro surplus in January, 2017.

The primary results produced a 1.85 billion euro surplus, compared to the target of 722 million euros, and compared a one billion euro surplus for the same period in 2017.

The net revenues of the state budget were 4.75 billion euros, a 22.1 percent, or 860 million euro, increase over the target.

The net revenues of the regular budget were 4.148 billion euros, a hike of 9.5 percent, or 361 million euros, over the initial targets.

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