Whatever the pretext of a tumultuous situation or of a geopolitical clash, there is almost always one cause. Whether the parties admit it or choose to cloak it with a national or ideological mantle, that cause is natural resources.

Consequently, one would best view Turkey’s truculent behaviour from that vantage point. The big prize in the region today is the rich gas deposits in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone. While some countries have involved themselves with legitimate means, such as the Italian energy colossus ENI, which is taking part in gas exploration, others, such as Turkey, are attempting to involve themselves with illegitimate means.

In the 21st century, such means are unacceptable. Particularly in this case, submission to Turkish pugnacity is a point of no return.

Naturally, Cyprus is not the only interested party in this affair. So are Italy, and the entire European Union, which has an obvious interest in the energy resources of all of its member-states.

Moreover, the US is also part of the equation, via the participation of another energy giant, ExxonMobil.

It is equally self-evident that Athens has a leading role to play in this geopolitical puzzle, to which the energy deposits attach another dimension. It has the role of a pillar of stability, which it must fulfil with the clear-mindedness, decisiveness, and bravery that the circumstances demand.

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