Ta Nea’s Berlin correspondent was the journalist who asked incoming Finance Minister Christian Lindner whether Germany’s European partners, including Greece, should be concerned now that he – with his particular austere approach to economic issues – has become finance minister.

The response of the head of the Free Democratic Party and now finance minister was unexpected praise for the Greek economy.

Even devoted readers of the foreign press, who had observed that the reporting of major European media has reflected Greece’s improved image, did not expect such a positive reception of the Greek “brand”.

The statements of the man that most consider the new Schaeuble demonstrate that the era when Greece was the black sheep of Europe is over.

This is due to the work and results that Greece itself has produced. It is due to the reforms that Greece on its own planned and implemented.

Lindner’s remarks confirm not only the positive dynamic of the Greek economy, but also the country’s overall capabilities and prospects.

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