This past weekend a series of public measures to confront the pandemic kicked in, even as the critical vaccine rollout continues.

More than ever since the beginning of this collective adventure, it should be clear that public health restrictions are not a punitive measure, but rather a basic precondition for the protection of public health and our lives.

Personal responsibility and abiding by regulations was always important, but now that is even more crucial as the country cannot withstand backpedaling or the loss of more lives on top of the already tragic number of deaths. There is fatigue in the population, but also intense concern.

Yet, there is a beam of light that requires certain additional sacrifices and collective discipline.

A new lockdown is inconceivable and we should do what we must to rule it out. It is also inconceivable to see people in our cities and provinces behaving as if there is no danger.

As has been noted before, the last mile is the most crucial. It entails speeding up the vaccine rollout, epidemiological monitoring, and testing as a safe indication of the daily development of the epidemic.

Weathering the storm is a critical wager for each of us and our families. It involves a collective battle being waged by both the National Health System and society, and it requires a heightened sense of empathy and faith that the nightmare will pass.

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