In Greece, as Ta Nea reports today, nearly 1.5 tonnes of food each year are thrown in the garbage, in a period of crisis no less, making our country one of the most wasteful in the world, even as many household are unable to buy the basics and food insecurity is growing.

Here and internationally, all studies show that a portion of this food could have been consumed. A different culture of consumer behaviour and daily life would be a good first step toward viable development, as a rational food production model could contribute to climate neutrality.

Of course, new nutritional targets should be based on a European roadmap that will take into account the characteristics of each country. It must also be the product of a long-term, strategic synergy between the state and citizens.

It must be understood that this behavioural change is closely linked with new climate and environmental demands and targets, but it is also a precondition for a new quality of life that takes into account the more vulnerable social classes.

We must not throw out food. We must buy prudently, with the climate and our fellow human beings in mind.

These are small but essential targets for a better future.

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