The average number of students in each classroom in Greece may be among the lowest in Europe, yet the merging of classes in the current phase of the COVID-19 epidemic is simply wrong.

The state must realise how delicate the balance is between public health measures and a diversion from them, especially in the vulnerable student and teacher population.
For its part, the state has done well so far and with its roadmap we have achieved a satisfactory epidemiological monitoring of students (with self-tests two times a week) and teachers.

Beyond the central planning of the state, for which the competent education ministry is responsible, municipalities and prefectures can contribute to resolving the issue of classroom capacity. Teachers, as well as pregnant women, are among the vulnerable population groups.

This is not the right time for making such changes (as the merging of classes), especially when we are grappling with various COVID-19 variants and when a flare up of seasonal flu is considered certain.

In a still precarious environment, and as the vaccine rollout proceeds, we have a duty to offer to the average family a network of protection in our schools.

The National Organisation for Public Health (EODY) has spoken of the need to reduce the number of students in classes. Let us not do the opposite.

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