The Citizen’s Protection Ministry has for days been touting an increase in the number of policemen on the streets of Athens, as 70 percent of crimes nationwide occur in Attica, where only 30 percent of the nationwide police force is deployed.

The competent minister has often reiterated that society will feel safe, as 1,026 policemen will be deployed in Attica and an additional 100 patrol cars will take up duty on 1 November.

These actions are welcome and necessary given the aforementioned data that the state cites and given the pre-electoral promise of the ruling party to restore citizens’ sense of security.

Yet, as Ta Nea reports today, the Omonia Square precinct in central Athens will be shut down due to understaffing.

One of the most critical police precincts in Athens will be withdrawn from the battle against crime, leaving unprotected an area that everyone knows to be very dangerous, not only at night but also in broad daylight, for passers-by, workers, and shop owners.

The state has a duty to proceed with a rational redistribution of Greek Police forces to avert developments that certainly will further challenge the already burdened image of the city centre.

In doing so, it should focus on areas where the real problems lie. Citizen’s protection is in large measure an issue of

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