There is only one thing worse than oblivion – someone who forgets who you are.

Approximately 160,000 people in Greece today are afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. There are six million cases in Europe and 26 million globally.

There is no treatment for the disease, although science has substantially progressed in managing the repercussions of the disease.

Today is World Alzheimer’s day and it reminds us that we must not forget.

Sensitising public opinion is more important than ever because the pandemic forced people who are ill to stay home, making living conditions difficult for many of them and aggravating the situation.

The campaign of the Athens Alzheimer Association this year is called “Lost Memories” and it sums up in the best possible manner what patients experience.

Those who have seen people close to them – parents or partners - losing a day of their lives know better than anyone how painful it is, and they know that they cannot manage it on their own.

These families must be supported with suitable services, because the burden that they bear is among the greatest that one can shoulder.

Social services and their employees, as well as care-givers who stand by their side, step-by-step, must work with and for these families, offering practical support and assistance.

We must also be here for these families. It is a sign of civilisation, social support, and solidarity, honouring the memories that leave with no return and the people who stay behind to remember.

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