It is clear that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and on the way to transcending it we see an murky shift of political forces in Europe and globally.

That was evident both with the lead of the Greens in Germany and the recent victory of the conservatives in Madrid, which finished off Pablo Iglesias politically.

As regards the political terrain in Greece, main opposition Syriza appears to be rushing to build new alliances and to don a new cloak. In the morning the party loves US President Joe Biden. In the afternoon it is close to the Eurosocialists. At night it is with the Greens in Germany. Even the party’s supporters cannot keep up with its transformations.

The question is clear. Are we dealing with a solid strategy based on real channels of communication and ties with other parties or is it an opportunistic bid by Syriza to avoid collapse? That is something that the main opposition party cadres must ask themselves.

What is certain is that this is not the way build upon possible affinities. That requires shared elements of political programmes and ties based on a clear understanding.

The same stands true for the identity of political parties. They must have principles and be accountable to their supporters. A shifting outlook alienates voters and damages the prestige of political parties.

If Syriza believes it can garner political gains with daily political transformations it is sorely mistaken.

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