There are two ways to view the fact that soon pensions in Greece will be paid out digitally.

On the one hand it can be seen as a progressive step and an act of respect toward senior citizens who until now faced bureaucratic obstacles to receiving what is their due.

On the other hand one must note the incredible delay and wonder why was it possible to accomplish in months what was not achieved in a decade?

The second take is not rooted in fatalism. It is a question that must be answered.

Why does a country that is able to make leaps often get pinned to the ground?

Who is making Greece a laggard in areas where it could be a pioneer?

It is against these forces of delay that the battle must be won.

The benefit is not merely practical.

The modernisation of public administration means that the citizen’s relationship with the state will be placed on a new grounding.

It means mutual respect and trust.

It means in the final analysis a new social contract by which the state will care for its citizens and citizens will care for their state.

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