This time around Europe must not delay.

The economic crisis of 2008 should be a lesson to us in 2020 and the EU must do “whatever is necessary” as then ECB chief Mario Draghi had declared in order to limit the harm to the economy caused by the Coronavirus.

Experts say that the damage to the European economy may be similar to that caused over a decade ago.

This time the endurance of the national economies of eurozone member-states should not be subjected to such trials.

Italy, which has been hit harder from the spread of the Coronavirus than any EU country, is absolutely justly expecting its European partners to palpably express their solidarity.

At this time of crisis one must not enforce rules that were adopted for normal times. Adjustment to the current emergency situation is necessary as are flexibility and adaptability.

The Greek economy recently emerged from a decade-long crisis.

It is in no one’s interest for the economy to shrink again due to recessionary policies and policies that will not facilitate an extremely swift remedy of the major additional wounds that it will suffer from the virus.

Today’s meeting of the Eurogroup is of exceptional importance from that perspective and it will demonstrate if this is an hour of responsibility for Europe.

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