The term-in power of the Syriza-Independent Greeks government and Syriza’s behaviour later as main opposition party brought a newfangled concept and term to Greek politics, “Polakism”, which takes its name from former alternate health minister Pavlos Polakis.

His actions and horribly vulgar manner of speaking have created a new vocabulary that he uses against his political opponents.

It is a brutal and cynical brand of political speech that appeals to the most base popular instincts in social media and does not have a shred of institutional and political seriousness and culture.

The last incident was a photograph that he posted of himself at a meal with friends where at a dramatic juncture in the development of the pandemic he thumbed his nose at the public health measures with which his fellow citizens are required to comply.

As a doctor and former alternate health minister he should have known better and exhibited exemplary behaviour. Instead he flouted the rules.

Obviously the problem is not just Polakis himself, but rather Syriza leader and former PM Alexis Tsipras.

Tsipras may have verbally expressed annoyance but in fact he continues to offer political cover to the phenomenon of Polakism even as he demands the appointment of a mutually acceptable health minister and purports to seek consensus in these difficult hours.

It is by now clear that Tsipras and Polakis are one and the same politically.

The coarse native of the Cretan town of Sfakia, which is historically known for its bravery, is not the exception in Syriza but rather an organic part of the party.

Hence, Mr. Tsipras need not seek formulas for a serious and creative opposition.
That is all a ruse.

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