There are not only negative repercussions from the coronavirus pandemic.

This adventure leaves behind something of a positive imprint as it expedited the adjustment of Public Administration to the digital era.

It should not have taken a pandemic to abolish the antiquated fax as a means of communication between the public and the civil service.

Moreover, the crisis demonstrated that Greeks can accomplish much in a short time.

It showed that the governments and citizens can become more flexible and display the adaptability required in our era.

One has the tools to correct chronic dysfunctions and for society to make the leap from the 20th century and 1980’s technology to today as long as one is disposed to do so with a progressive spirit.

That will require that leaderships set aside their blinders and fixed ideas that become a hindrance to progress.

This should be the start of broader reforms upon which one can rebuild the relationship between citizens and the state, which must no longer complicate their daily lives with thousands of examples of red tape.

Now there is no excuse for any delay and the pandemic proved that.

One need not wait until the next day to get the cogwheels of the machine moving again.

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