Our country confronted an economic crisis that lasted 10 whole years.

That cycle has closed at long last thanks to the enormous efforts of Greek society.

The political system did not always rise to the occasion.

On the contrary, the stance of certain political parties and their tendency to resort to populism aggravated the problem and increased the economic burden on Greek citizens.

The new decade finds Greece confronted with a series of Turkish provocations that could lead to a new crisis. This time it would be geopolitical in nature.

It would be well if on national issues political forces exhibit the concord, prudence, and maturity which were absent in their handling of the economy.

No Siren of populism will drag them along although there are voices that exploit patriotism. They are few and isolated from the other, democratic parties.

The political system is facing Turkish provocations united and with no desire for petty partisan exploitation.

This responsible stance should be a guide for the future on all major issues that the country faces.

From the economy to national issues, the proper stance is one of responsibility.

As we have seen one crisis may succeed another with no respite.

One does not have the luxury of irresponsible practices and policies in the coming decade.

Unity is a national imperative.




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