International relations are often based, among other factors, on good will.

It is one thing for good will to be understood as what it is and quite another to interpret it as a sign of weakness. It means putting aside suspicions.

It is a sign of the disposition and will of a country to build a level of trust on which a relationship of good neighbourly relations can be developed.

Our country is moving stably as regards Turkey based on that principle.

Certainly there are differences and problems that need to be solved.

Unfortunately, Ankara appears to be moving in the opposite direction than that of good will and constructive dialogue.

Good will with a record number of violations of sovereign rights in air and at sea and with inflammatory statements good will cannot exist , just as it cannot exist with violations of the joint EU-Turkey statement on migrants and refugees.

Greece's change of course is consequently the right response to Turkey's stance.

The harsh rhetoric that the Greek side has adopted makes it clear that thuggish behaviour will not be tolerated ad infinitum. Naturally there can be no meetings or negotiations when it is clear a priori they are doomed to failure

One hopes that the message will swiftly be received by the other side and that the rhetoric can be toned town.

This is the only way that Greek-Turkish relations can return to the level of good will.

There is no other way to coexist and there never will be.

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