About one year ago Ta Nea in a report highlighted the lack of anti-flooding works in Kineta.

"Kineta is in danger of becoming another Mandra, (where 24 people died in major flood"" the title of the report read.
The aim of the report was obviously not to scare people but rather to inform the public. It was not prophetic. It was certain that at some point Kineta would become another Mandra

It happened yesterday fortunately without mourning victims as occured with the November, 2017 ,Maqndra flood in which 24 people died.

A state, however, cannot rely on good fortune to protect its citizens. It has a duty to take all necessary measures so that such a tragedy will not be repeated in Kineta or any other part of the country.

The government is obliged to act immediately to prevent the next natural disaster that may arise and afflict the country. No excuse is acceptable in a period of extreme weather conditions that are ever more frequent.

There are solutions that can limit the repercussions, and particularly the loss of lives. However it requires vigilance and acknowledgement of the fact that a tragic event can occur at any moment.

Yestrday's flooding in Kineta was not a prophecy. It was clear proof.

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